April 09, 2006

What are your tips for buying French Cheese?

Bonjour Papa, Often times in the nicer grocery stores in our area I like to buy some nice cheese. Usually I'll buy a camerbert, a roquefort, a goat cheese of some type, rebolechon, and some kind of basque sheeps milk cheese. The hardest thing I find is knowing how to pick a ripe cheese. Can you suggest some tips and tricks on choosing cheese. In the US people seem to like it before it's truely ripe. I ocassionally see Europeans smelling the cheese in the store. What's the best way to pick the best cheese of the bunch in the store? Stephane

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  1. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Tell you what- there's a podcast on iTunes just now, presented by French chef Daniel Galmiche and it's all about French Cheese. It's The Ratatouille Guide to French Cuisine- something for the grown ups to enjoy! Cut and paste the link into your browser, it should take you straigh to it:


    Hope it's helpful!