October 11, 2007

Olive Oils

Hi Dad, I have built up a big list of questions since our family vacation to France this summer. One on the list is in regards to the olive oil we bought at the farmers market. I'd love to get a picture of what is special about that artisan oil we purchased as well as what makes French olive oil different than the rest? It's one of the best Olive oil's we've ever had and sadly we are nearing the end of the bottle. With the bottle almost empty I'm already reminiscing about all the nice meals we have created with the olive oil from the market. So what is it that makes this olive oil so delicious? Love Stephane


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  2. Anonymous7:57 PM

    I was wondering - can you bring back oil from France ? I am not sure we in Australia can do so ( very strict rules to protect our countries produce etc which is fair)

  3. Anonymous7:57 PM

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  4. I had no problem to bring back bottles of French olive oil to the U.S.
    I tried twice and it did not seem to cause any concern to U.S. customs officers.

  5. I've had no problems, either. Olives, even in packets, are another story, at least in Detroit.

  6. Anonymous3:09 PM

    In San Francisco, there is a food wholesaler "Made in France" they are open to the public almost a day every month. they have french olive oils